Mitchell Clark Stables

   ~ Where Excellence is the Standard ~

An Enterprise Specializing in Breeding, Showing, Training & Selling "Show Horses"

About Mitchell Clark Stables

Mitchell Clark Stables is an enterprise designed for the American Saddlebred. Here, owners and trainers, Mitchell and Vicky Clark, supervise the breeding, boarding, training, showing, and selling of “Show Horses.”Mitchell, the grandson of master showman, Garland Bradshaw, learned his lesson well and has presented many championship horses to the rings of America. Mitchell and Vicky bring many years of Saddlebred experience to their endeavor and look forward to helping you achieve your success both in and out of the show ring.One of the facets of this stable is the development of young horses. Owners who desire the best for a young horse may find that the time spent in this stable could be the best investment made in behalf of equine potential.

The breeding stallion, Castle Bravo, is currently standing at stud.  His get are making their appearances in the show rings and are demonstrating the genetic athleticism that is his and that of his imcomparable father, the Four Time World's Five Gaited Grand Champion, WGC Skywatch.

Mitchell developed WGC Skywatch as a two year old colt and in August of that year, won the 2 Year Old Five Gaited Championship at the World's Championship Horse Show.  Two years later, Mitchell went on to win the Five Gaited Grand Championship with WGC Skywatch.  He was one of the youngest people to ever win that coveted class.  WGC Skywatch went on to win the World's Grand Championship Five Gaited Class four times, and is considered one of the greatest Saddlebreds of all times.

Located in the Bluegrass section of Kentucky, this business is located on land that has been devoted to the Saddlebred since 1947.  Mitchell and Vicky have built a modern barn in 2000 to continue this Saddlebred tradition for many years to come.  Visitors are welcome.

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